10 ways to save money for air conditioner in your home

How to not “crazy” because the electricity bill and was sick of the bad influence of conditioning during peak hot days like today? Keep in mind the following:

Although new in the early summer, but the last few days, the weather was the country is falling into peak heat wave, many people still sitting in the cry for “hot to melt the fat off.” While the adjustment of new electricity pricing always makes consumers anxious star life through this summer without air conditioning. Air-conditioned and even then also how to not “crazy” because the electricity bill and was sick of the bad effects of conditioning. Here are tips to help save energy when using air conditioning and health protection for the whole family you should know.


1. Selection conditioning with appropriate capacity

Air conditioning, large capacity, it will consume more power. However, not every chosen so that small power conditioner will save initial costs and energy use. You should rely on design area and air-conditioned rooms to choose from with appropriate capacity, while the new Air to fulfill its effects. If using conditioning with a capacity larger than the area of a room will cost more power, but use conditioner with a capacity smaller than the area of the room will also afford the required cooling, you Air must run continuously, it also consumes power.

According to the standard, then every 1,000 BTU maximum load area 2m² room. That is, the room has an area of 9-18 square meters, you can mount a capacity Air 9000 BTU / h, an area of about 15-24 m² 12,000 machines needed BTU / h or 24 area – 35m² need to choose 24,000 BTU type is appropriate …

2. Note to the location and installation instructions

Many people think that installing air conditioning in the hot wall will have the effect of cooling the room faster. That was a mistake. By installing such a process has led to slower cooling medium consumes more power. The first is conditioned to be cooled before the cooling wall room space. The second is heavier than air conditioning to run to reduce the temperature of the hot wall.

Therefore, you should install air conditioning in the shaded position as east or north of the house – where the sun is less direct than the projection.

In addition, hot rig was installed in place of heat source, steam, fumes, dirt and chemicals cause corrosion. Where many rigs hot, not hot wind from rig to rig hanging there.

3. Turn off the circuit breakers when not in use

Everyone knows when not in use anymore conditioning must breaker. But there is a fact that many people do not know is if the only off by drivers, the machine has a power consumption that you never knew. So after off by remote control, you should disconnect the circuit breakers.

4. Combined use the same conditioning blower

This may seem wasteful for using air conditioning and even turn on the fan to power. But this fact using just help you save power and protect health. When combined with conditioning fan, you do not need to regulate the temperature is too low, you simply turn on the fan in small numbers, this will have the effect of pushing hot air upward, pushing cool air below, creating the effect of strong winds, making you feel cool, not cool. Also, you will not feel dry skin, dry nose and throat because of the cold air conditioning.

5. Occasionally open the door to creating air convection

When using air conditioning, of course, always room to ensure heat sealed to outside influx causes conditioned not to operate at full capacity causing power consumption. But a closed room for a long time continuously extremely harmful to our health.

The fact studies show that the air in a closed room can be 2-5 times more toxic outdoor air. Therefore, although limited opens the door to cold vapor losses, but do not get air in the room becomes too secret, harmful to health. 15-30 minutes, you should open the door to the room was “breathing”, rather new energy to the room.

When buying portable air conditioner, you should also select the line conditioning, new generation, equipped with air filters and functions for air disinfection. You can refer to a number of air-conditioned model is judged to be antibacterial, deodorant, clean air and energy today

6. Do not turn off the air conditioning constantly

Many people have a habit out of the room, even for a moment, is immediately turned off air conditioners to save electricity, or in some cases to turn to cold temperatures often deep, very cool room waiting for the air conditioning off and turn on the fan, until you feel hot, then turn it on once again.

In fact, it was a mistake to do so faster and more power-consuming damage. When turned on again, air conditioners have to spend a lot of energy to start the compressor, fan motor and cooling air to the required temperature. Because while the room temperature was a few degrees warmer, the body that felt.

7. Adjust the proper temperature

Many people have the habit of setting the room temperature is too low, this is just not good for your health, both wasteful energy use. When you set the temperature too low conditioning will have to run more to maintain the temperature at a given level. Also your body will also be difficult to change up when you put out into the air-conditioned room temperature is too low, easily lead to “thermal shock”.

Only use air conditioning at average temperatures 25-27 degrees. This is the temperature suitable to the climate of Vietnam. Also, in this heat intensity level of the machine will reduce the work should be more efficient.

8. Should the wind direction changes frequently

Each air conditioning would have tried to adjust the direction of the wind to the left or right, up or down direction. Due to the influence of rotation of the fan and the position of the cold air duct inside, most of air conditioners were blowing cold air tends more to one side of the room.

Therefore, you should adjust the direction of air blown into the room necessary areas (beds, wardrobes, desks …) making them faster cool room.

9. Do not get conditioned to run all night

At night, the human body does not require a low temperature, outdoor temperature further will lower than at night. So, turn off the air conditioning when sleeping or off before sleep 1-2 hours. This will reduce the time of use, save money. Not to mention sleep at night when more people have a habit of breathing through the mouth, is conditioned on all night will cause nose, throat dry, very easily lead to a situation of pharyngitis, upper respiratory tract infections.

10. Turn off the air conditioning before leaving the room for 10 minutes to avoid thermal shock

When the peak hot weather as the last few days, we have conditioned living room, the room temperature than the outdoor temperature is very high. So prone to the phenomenon of thermal shock if the environmental temperature changes suddenly. To not happen the thermal shock, adversely affect the health, when intended outdoors, before you turn off the air conditioning for 10 minutes, open to the air convection and body to adjust gradually to temperature outside.

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