6 Notes when using a dehumidifier in a garage

Garage dehumidifiers or any series no matter what, when users clearly understand working principles, principles of operation will also be an important point to help it run better, for be efficient performance.

Particularly with dehumidifier for garage, you should keep in mind the note when using garage dehumidifiers following:


When using a dehumidifier you need to consult a number of principles:

– After installation of dehumidifiers, air needs to be turned in the smallest mode in a half hour early to avoid sudden changes in the temperature of the room with the external environment. As this could be harmful to the body.

– Ideal temperature for dehumidifier operation is 10-40 degrees. Too high or low temperatures are not good for the plant and probable danger.
– What is more important is that without the assistance of experts, absolutely not use dehumidifiers in the production line of food additives in the processing industry and perfumes.

– Always place the dehumidifier in a cool place, avoid placing in the corner of desiccant systems required as this will reduce the performance or affect the operation of the machine.

– Always check the machine during use. Some models such as Edison, Aikyo, Fujie … have self control features and storage so you will not have to spend time installing the machine mode. However, sometimes you also need to check to ensure the machine is working well.

– Dehumidifier will work best in an environment with clean air and less toxic. Some areas with air pollution or industrial use detergent … can be detrimental to the operation of the dehumidifier. Because some substances such as magnesium, may constitute ..co ions precipitate residue in plant and equipment damage, congestion affecting directly to the process steam.

– When cleaning conducted 2 weeks / times, always ensure the basic safety rules. Avoid to water entering the system in the electronic circuits of the machine caused electrical short or fire.

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